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Campaign Resources

Background on Supervised Injection Facilities. The campaign’s basic background paper on SIFs worldwide and why we need them in NYC.

Research on Supervised Injection Facilities: A Review of the Literature. A succinct overview of decades of scientific research on SIFs, including new data from NYC.

Public Injection Drug Use Among NYC Syringe Exchange Participants. Published by the Injection Drug Users Health Alliance (IDUHA) – the coalition of 14 NYC syringe exchange programs – this data brief describes results from a survey of nearly 1,500 harm reduction participants and the need for SIFs.

Public Bathroom Drug Use In NYC. This briefing paper, published by Brett Wolfson-Stofko, PhD, is based on a pilot study that surveyed dozens of business managers about drug use in their customer bathrooms, a problem that could be solved by making SIFs available.

Supervised Injection Facilities: Legal Considerations for New York. This paper produced by the SIF NYC campaign reviews local, state, and federal law as it pertains to SIFs and charts a pathway toward authorization in NYC.


Everywhere But Safe: Public Injecting in New York. A project born from the SIF NYC campaign, this documentary film explores public injection drug use in New York City, Albany, and Schenectady, and makes the case for SIFs and other solutions. Produced by NYC harm reductionists Matt Curtis and Taeko Frost in partnership with Sawbuck Productions. You can also follow the film on Facebook!

Making a Place Called Safe: A Public Health Case for a Safer Injection Facility in San Francisco, CA. An intimate view of the need for SIFs through the firsthand experience of people who inject drugs in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. Produced by Sawbuck Productions in partnership with the San Francisco Drug Users Union.

Insite: Not Just Injecting, But Connecting. A short documentary film on Insite, North America’s only legally sanctioned supervised injection facility, which has transformed Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. Produced by the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union as part of their fantastic Drug Reporter film series.

Other Online Resources

Read about the lifesaving work of Insite, Vancouver’s supervised injection facility at Insite for Community Safety and the official Insite website.

The European Monitoring Centre on Drugs & Drug Addiction has released two authoritative reviews of the scientific evidence for SIFs, available here.

Drug Consumption Rooms in Germany (PDF) is an English language report from Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe on the positive impact of the dozens of SIFs in Germany.

Supervised Injection Facilities Can Help People Quit Drugs.” A Science Daily review of research showing that injection drug users who use SIFs are more likely to enter drug treatment and stop injecting.

The Law (and Politics) of Supervised Injection Facilities in the United States.” A full-text paper from the American Journal of Public Health by some of the leading experts on U.S. law and SIFs.


"I stand with the SIF NYC coalition in calling on New York City and New York State government to take all necessary steps to authorize and establish supervised injection facilities..."


We are a growing coalition of public health and criminal justice reform groups and NYC residents that believes that supervised injection facilities are an important solution to problems related to drug use in our city.